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Proven as an effective means of treating all kinds of pain, acupuncture can be a safe and natural alternative or addition to Western medical treatment.  It can reduce both pain and swelling and is successful in treating pain no matter where it is in the body and whether it is acute or chronic, severe or dull.  If you have an old injury that never properly healed, a new injury, a recent surgery, joint pain or muscle tension, acupuncture can help.  It increases the circulation of blood and other important fluids, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the area of pain or tension, stimulates nerve activity, and relaxes muscles and tendons, all leading to a reduction in both pain and inflammation.

What to Expect from Acupuncture Treatment 

Acupuncture treatment has immediate effect, so if you arrive with pain, you leave with either noticeably less pain or no pain at all.  With each treatment, the pain, discomfort or stiffness reduces, and within a few treatments should be alleviated altogether with long-lasting and often permanent results.

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Arm Pain, Wrist 
Pain and Hand Pain Treatment

Arm pain, no matter where it is, from the rotator cuff down to the finger tips, acupuncture can relieve it.  This includes pain in the deltoid, bicepstriceps or forearmcarpal tunnel, wrist pain, hand pain, thumb pain, finger pain, trigger finger, tendonitis and arthritis. All of these benefit from acupuncture and can generally be resolved within 1 – 8 treatments. 

Even with conditions that are especially difficult to treat, like De Quervain’s Syndrome, RSI (repetitive strain injury) and wrist sprain, acupuncture is very effective. With such conditions, pain can generally be alleviated within 2 – 6 treatments.

For hand pain and stiffness, there are different causes like arthritis, RSI and tendonitis, but the hand can also be affected by nerve conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome involving numbness or nerve pain.  All of these can be successfully treated with acupuncture, achieving a reduction in pain and stiffness and relieving it altogether generally within 2 – 6 treatments.  With nerve conditions, a modality called electroacupuncture is used and to great effect.  Most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome can be resolved in 4 – 8 treatments.

Tennis Elbow 
and Elbow Pain 

There are different types of elbow pain, but tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) are the most common.  Another type is called triceps tendonitis, where pain is felt at the insertion of the triceps tendon to the elbow.  There are also causes like arthritis, bursitis and muscle strain.  With all of these acupuncture is fast and effective in resolving the pain, generally getting the elbow back to normal within 3 – 5 treatments. 

Neck Pain Treatment and Shoulder Pain Treatment 

With pain in the neck and shoulders, acupuncture can be especially effective.  It can quickly reduce and offer lasting relief for the different types of pain experienced in these areas, like sharp or shooting pain, burning pain, pain at night or in the morning, stiffness, tightness, dull ache or trapped nerve pain.  

Pain in the neck and shoulders can come from a variety of different causes, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, nerve impingement, muscle strain, muscle spasm, injury.  The pain and discomfort caused by these conditions is reduced and generally eliminated within 2 – 6 treatments.

For shoulder blade pain where pain radiates between the shoulder blades, this can generally be eliminated within 4 – 8 treatments.  For frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), a shoulder that has been frozen for weeks, months or even years can be freed and complete movement restored generally within 2 – 8 treatments.

Treatment for Stiff Neck and Shoulders

Tightness in the neck and shoulders is not only uncomfortable but it can also lead to other symptoms like headaches, tinnitus, brain fog, general tiredness, and even issues with the eyes.  These symptoms are caused by muscle tissue dense with tension, restricting blood flow to the head.  This is why it is important to address stiffness in the neck and shoulders, as good blood flow to the head is essential for good health.

With acupuncture, tense or stiff neck and shoulders can be brought to a deep state of relaxation within minutes.  Pain and tightness are immediately reduced followed by lasting relief.  The muscles become looser with each treatment, and generally within 2 – 3 treatments most stiffness is alleviated.  If there are associated symptoms like those listed above, more treatments would likely be needed.

Efficacy of Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Currently, a significant body of evidence is being amassed on the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of pain.  In countries around the world, large, rigorously designed clinical trials are being carried out and positive conclusions are being drawn. 

Listed on the NLM website (National Library of Medicine), the primary medical resource of the United States government, are reports from other trials evaluating acupuncture’s effect on specific conditions:  Neck PainChronic Neck Pain, Chronic Neck and Shoulder PainShoulder Pain, Chronic Shoulder Pain, and Frozen Shoulder.

If you’re tired of living with pain, try acupuncture.

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