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Proven as an effective means of treating all kinds of pain, acupuncture can be a safe and natural alternative or addition to Western medical treatment.  It can reduce both pain and swelling and is successful in treating pain no matter where it is in the body and whether it is acute or chronic.  If you have an old injury that never properly healed, a new injury, a recent surgery, or muscle tension, acupuncture can help.  It increases the circulation of blood and other important fluids, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the area of pain or tension, stimulates nerve activity, and relaxes muscles and tendons, all leading to a reduction in both pain and inflammation.

What to Expect from Acupuncture Treatment 

Acupuncture treatment has immediate effect, so if you arrive with pain, you leave with either noticeably less pain or no pain at all.  With each treatment, the pain, discomfort or stiffness reduces, and within a few treatments should be alleviated altogether with long-lasting and often permanent results.

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Natural Pain Treatment for Fast Pain Relief

Whatever kind of pain you have, acupuncture can help, and when you come for treatment, several approaches are used, including a special method developed by Dr. Richard Tan, one of the foremost experts in the field of acupuncture for pain relief and pain management.  His extraordinary approach leads to an immediate reduction in pain, attaining clinical results within minutes after treatment has begun. With this method along with other treatment modalities (electroacupuncture, cupping, moxa and tui na), exceptional results can generally be achieved within one to six treatments, where the pain is either significantly diminished or alleviated altogether.

With nerve conditions (such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, multiple sclerosis and others), involving numbness, pins and needles, and nerve pain, a modality called electroacupuncture is often used and to great effect.  Nearly any area of the body can be treated, including arms, legs, back, face, hands, feet, fingers and toes, and this modality is safe and relaxing.  It has been proven effective in relieving nerve-related pain and discomfort and in reducing and often times eliminating numbness altogether.

If you are tired of living with issues like pain, swelling, numbness, or weakness in your joints or muscles then acupuncture may be your solution.  It offers very potent and effective relief, and you will find that no matter what kind of pain or discomfort you have, acupuncture can help.

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Sinusitis, Hay Fever and Facial Pain Treatment

Sinusitis is a common condition that can result in a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, headaches, sinus pain, blocked nose, dry mouth, reduced sense of smell.  With acupuncture whether the sinusitis is acute or chronic, all of these symptoms can generally be resolved within 4 – 8 treatments.

Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever if pollen is the cause, is a condition that can be isolated to a certain season but can also seem to go on all year.  With acupuncture all the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, like runny or blocked nose, itchy or burning eyes, sneezing or coughing, can be diminished to a manageable level or resolved altogether in 4 – 8 treatments.

With these conditions another symptom that can occur is sinus pain from the sinuses being inflamed, agitated and blocked.  This pain along with other types of facial pain, like trigeminal neuralgia can be quickly and effectively treated with acupuncture.  With nerve conditions and pain, a modality called electroacupuncture is used and to great effect. Most cases of facial pain can be resolved in 2 – 6 treatments.

Lung infections like pneumonia and bronchitis can also be successfully treated with acupuncture.  In some cases of pneumonia, course after course of antibiotics are taken with no lasting result, where the symptoms of the infection may diminish for a short period but then return and often times more intensely than before.  When this happens, acupuncture may be the solution.  Generally within 3 – 5 treatments, the symptoms of pneumonia are resolved.  With acute bronchitis, symptoms like sore throat, runny or blocked nose, hacking cough, headache, aches and tiredness can generally be resolved in 2 – 3 treatments.  Chronic bronchitis with symptoms like persistent cough, wheezing, loss of breath requires a few more treatments, usually 4 – 8.

Sometimes we get a cold that seems to last forever or we get one at just the wrong time, like when we have a job interview the next day or a wedding to go to.  When these things happen, have no fear, acupuncture can help.  With the common cold, symptoms like runny or stuffed nose, sore or itchy throat, itchy or burning eyes, coughing, sneezing, headaches, all of these can be quickly resolved.  When the symptoms start, the faster the acupuncture is received the faster the results, sometimes even resolving the symptoms in 24 hours.  If the symptoms have been lingering for more than a week, they are generally resolved in 72 hours.  For most cases, only one treatment is needed.  If the symptoms have been persisting for 3 weeks or longer, 2 – 4 treatments may be necessary.

Earache, Tinnitus and Otitis Media

Earache is a condition that is often associated with other symptoms like sore throat or toothache, but it can also be lingering ear pain that comes from pressure changes (like in flights).  In all of these cases, acupuncture can help to relieve this pain, and it can be done quickly, often within 1 – 3 treatments.

In children, earache is common.  Around 1 in every 4 children experiences at least one middle ear infection (otitis media) by age of 10, but sometimes this condition can become chronic, and when it does it often results in course after course of antibiotics.  If this chronic reoccurrence of otitis media is affecting a child’s quality of life, then acupuncture may certainly be worth trying, as it can in many cases reduce the frequency of repeat infections sometimes even stop the infections altogether.  If it is just an acute attack of otitis media, usually 1 treatment is enough to resolve the pain and get the ear en route to recovery.  For chronic cases, up to 10 treatments may be needed.

Tinnitus is a very common problem, affecting around 1 in 5 people, and not many solutions offered, but there is one method that has had some success, and that is acupuncture.  There are different types of tinnitus from high-pitched ringing to whooshing white noise, and all of these in many cases can be diminished and in some cases essentially eliminated.  These results can generally be achieved in 3 – 5 treatments.

Another area acupuncture can be effective in is hearing loss.  Reversing hearing loss is thought to be impossible, but acupuncture has had some success in this.  It has also had success in stabilising hearing loss so it does not get worse.  If you suffer from hearing loss, acupuncture is worth a try, as it can help and its effectiveness established in 1 – 2 treatments..

Fibroids, Endometriosis and Period Pain Treatment

Acupuncture can be especially effective in treating gynaecological conditions, not only those conditions that require regulation of the hormones (like PMT or menopause), but also those that involve pain.  With conditions like fibroids and endometriosis, pain can be severe and debilitating, often significantly affecting quality of life.  Because of this, many women require some method of treatment to help them manage this pain.  As acupuncture works to address the pain as well as other issues that may be contributing to the condition, it can provide a very effective method for those who are looking for a safe, natural and reliable treatment option.

Acupuncture helps all types of period pain and discomfort whether it is associated with a specific gynaecological condition (like fibroids and endometriosis) or just seems to happen with no particular cause.  Most cases of period pain can be either diminished to a manageable level or resolved completely in 4 – 8 treatments.

For issues that are hormonal like PMT, irregular cycle, flooding periods and menopause, acupuncture can have great effect, improving symptoms like irritability, mood swings, breast tenderness, weight gain, hot flushes, night sweats.   With these conditions, diet can also have an impact, where certain foods and spices can negatively or positively affect these symptoms, so to help with this dietary advice is given.  Acupuncture can generally bring symptoms under control within 3 – 5 treatments.

Benefits of Acupuncture 

Acupuncture heals and relaxes your body and helps your mind to feel more balanced and clear, ultimately leading you to a better and better quality of health.  As well since Chinese medicine is a holistic method, many things can be treated at the same time, like aches or pains, problems with digestion, low energy, stress, whatever you would like help with.  It is a powerful medicine that can help with nearly all conditions and symptoms whether they be physical, mental or emotional, and it is a very safe medicine that can lead to exceptional health though natural means.

Efficacy of Acupuncture in Pain Relief

Currently, a significant body of evidence is being amassed on the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of pain.  In countries around the world, large, rigorously designed clinical trials are being carried out and positive conclusions are being drawn.  In one of these trials, clinically significant data showed that acupuncture and electroacupuncture were effective in the treatment of Lower Back Pain

Listed on the NLM website (National Library of Medicine), the primary medical resource of the United States government, are reports from other trials evaluating acupuncture’s effect on specific conditions:  Neck PainChronic Neck Pain, Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow, Ankle Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gouty Arthritis, Knee and Hip Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy, Shoulder Pain, Chronic Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Sore Throat, Sciatica, Fibromyalsia, Period Pain, Endometriosis and Bell’s Palsy. Acupuncture is also recommended by Arthritis Research UK and the Arthritis Foundation as an effective and safe means of treating arthritic pain, and in a recent review by the Harvard Medical School, acupuncture has been found effective in the general treatment of Chronic Pain.

For natural and effective pain relief, try acupuncture.

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