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Natural Skin Care Treatment for Acne, Acne Scars, Rosacea and More

Cosmetic Acupuncture is one of the healthiest things you can do for your skin and one of the most effective methods available for treating skin conditions such as acne, facial eczema and rosacea.  It is completely natural and achieves quick and lasting results.  By promoting the smooth flow of blood and nutrients to and around the face and by dealing with the underlying causes of the condition, Cosmetic Acupuncture not only improves the skin conditions like those listed above but also due to its ability to heal the skin, can also diminish and remove facial scarring, including acne scarring, cleft palate scars, chickenpox scars and old surgical scars. 

Acne and Acne Scarring Treatment | Cosmetic Acupuncture Brighton

It is said that the state of our health can be seen in our complexion and in our eyes.  If the body’s systems are in balance, the face’s appearance reflects this, and if they are not, the face’s appearance reflects this as well.  Due to certain processes that take place in the body (like the effects of hormones, low immunity, medication, etc.) and to certain lifestyle choices, imbalances are generated in both the face and the body, causing a variety of issues including issues with the skin.  Cosmetic Acupuncture functions to regulate these imbalances, leading to improvements in facial appearance as well as in the overall health of the body.

Below are some of benefits that Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment offers:

  • improves and clears skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, facial eczema
  • reduces or removes facial scarring (acne scars/cleft palate scars/old surgical scars)
  • moisturises the skin
  • improves circulation of blood and lymph in the face
  • improves facial colour and complexion
  • brings out the skin’s natural radiance
  • promotes overall health and well being

Cosmetic Acupuncture brings long-lasting results combined with improved health in face, body and mind, making it one of the most powerful non-surgical facial treatments available.

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Acne Treatment 

Acne is a condition that is nearly always influenced by at least some aspect of a person’s diet, and this aspect can either be causing the acne or worsening it.  Since Chinese medicine has at its root an understanding of diet and how different foods, drinks and spices affect the body, then someone coming for acne treatment is also given dietary advice that helps, if implemented, to immediately reduce new acne and to lead the way to permanently clear skin.

Acupuncture can successfully treat all types of acne:

  • acne vulgaris (medical name for common acne)
  • white heads
  • black heads
  • papules (red or pink spots)
  • pustules (red spots with pus)
  • nodules (large, inflamed bumps that feel firm to the touch)
  • cysts (large, pus-filled lesions that look similar to boils)

With a Cosmetic Acupuncture Acne Treatment, imbalances in the face and body are regulated so that the acne is cleared and all contributing causes of the acne are addressed. This is done by inserting very fine needles into specific points on the face and body.  But do not worry, this is not a painful experience.  Most patients report that it can even be quite relaxing.

Since acne is not only on the surface of the skin but is also beneath the surface, a truly effective acne treatment addresses both areas.  With Cosmetic Acupuncture, all layers of the skin are treated, leading to a healing process that takes place throughout the skin and at its deepest level.  Because of this, active acne can be brought quickly under control and with each treatment, the skin continues to heal, finally causing the active acne to cease completely.  In most cases this can be achieved within 4-8 treatments.

There is a bit more to a Cosmetic Acupuncture Acne Treatment than what is written above, to learn more read “What will a Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment be like?” below.

Facial Scarring and Acne Scarring Treatment 

By repairing not only the surface of the skin but also dermis beneath the scarring (which holds the memory of the scar), Cosmetic Acupuncture can remarkably diminish facial scarring including:

    • acne scarring
    • cleft pallet scars
    • chicken pox scars

    • old surgical scars

When addressing deep scars or specific areas of scarring (like in acne scarring), particular needling protocols are used, where tiny needles (called intra-dermal needles) are inserted along the line of the scar or within the area of scarring.  These needles create tiny dermal injuries which trigger the normal healing response within the skin, a process that naturally introduces new collagen and elastin into the scar, the two most powerful agents the body has to repair damaged skin.  With each treatment, the scars diminish in depth and fade, and the skin tone within the scar improves.  Ultimately scarring can be permanently diminished and in some cases permanently removed.

There is a bit more to a Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial and Acne Scarring Treatment than what is written above, to learn more read “What will a Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment be like?” below.

Acne and Acne Scarring Treatment
Clear and Stop Active Acne | Fade and Remove Acne Scars

Acupuncture for Scars Before and After | Acne Scars | Brighton


Facial Eczema Treatment

When eczema affects the face, it can be very distressing, as the facial skin is more sensitive and delicate, so more painful when scratched and more irritated when dry or weeping.  It can also impact self-confidence.  With Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment, the skin is moistened and healed, causing the patches of eczema to fade and in many cases disappear.

In nearly all cases of eczema (wherever it is on the body), there are underlying causes both within the body and from lifestyle choices.  Diet, for example, can have a significant influence on eczema as can emotional stress.  Acupuncture helps with what is happening inside the body, and lifestyle advice helps with what may be negatively impacting the body from the outside.

With each treatment, the eczema improves as does the overall health of the body and mind.  Most cases of facial eczema can be brought under control within 4-8 treatments.  To learn more about the Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial Eczema Treatment read “What will a Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment be like?” below.

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a condition that can affect any age but the more distressing rosacea symptoms are most often experienced by people middle-aged or older.  The areas where the patches of redness occur can have red bumps or pussy spots and sometimes even spider veins.  A Cosmetic Acupuncture Rosacea Treatment can help with all of these.  It even addresses the imbalances within the body that are causing the rosacea.  

With each treatment, there is an improvement in symptoms for both face and body.  There is also dietary advice, if taken, that can help to reduce symptoms.  Most cases of rosacea are brought to a good state of balance within 4-8 treatments.  To learn more about the Cosmetic Acupuncture Rosacea Treatment read “What will a Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment be like?” below.


What will a Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment be like?

It begins with a gentle exfoliating cleanse, using a Bamboo Micro Polish which leaves the skin smoother, clearer, and more supple.  This is followed by the most potent part of the facial, the Cosmetic Acupuncture.  Just lay back and relax while your face is deeply energised and brought to a state of healthy balance.  And finally, to complete the treatment, enjoy a 15-minute facial massage which incorporates techniques from both Indian and Japanese styles of face massage.  These techniques are renowned for their regenerative qualities and can help to deeply relax facial muscles and to gently stimulate the skin.

In the Facial and Acne Scar Treatment and the Facial Eczema Treatment, electroacupuncture is used.  But there is no need to worry about this modality.  It is very safe and does not hurt at all.  It is used to gently stimulate the needles, causing blood and fluid flow to be greatly enhanced in the area which encourages faster healing and faster results.

All needles are sterile single-use needles, and the Medik8 skin products used during treatment are professional-grade and of the highest quality.

If you are new to acupuncture and wish to learn more about acupuncture treatment in general and how to prepare for it, click here.


What can be expected following treatment?

Directly following the treatment, there may be redness in some areas, but this should quickly fade, generally within a few hours.  Also, very occasionally, there may be some minor bruising.  These bruises will not be painful and should be gone within a few days.

In terms of the effects of treatment, some are apparent almost immediately, while others become more apparent over time as the skin goes through its healing process.  With each treatment there is noticeable improvement, leading to a clearly visible cumulative result.


The price of a Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment is £75, and it lasts approximately 80 minutes.

For more information on courses of treatment, please have a look at the “Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment Packages” section below.


Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment Packages

Cosmetic Acupuncture Package of 10 Treatments with Products   £780
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Cosmetic Acupuncture Package of 12 Treatments with Products   £985
(for Payment Plan information, click here)

Treatments are spaced one to two weeks apart.

Included in these packages are three very high quality, professional-grade products by Medik8 for maintaining the skin after treatment:

*  For more information about the above products, please click on the product name.

These products will last throughout the course of treatment and are an essential part of the treatment protocol, as they ensure the best possible treatment results and promote optimum skin health.

Alternatively, these packages are also offered without products.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Package of 10 Treatments   £700
(for Payment Plan information, click here)

 Cosmetic Acupuncture Package of 12 Treatments   £825
(for Payment Plan information, click here)

Prior to the Purchase of Packages

The skin will be assessed during an initial consultation and packages will be discussed to ensure the best possible treatment plan.  The initial consultation is free, and to make these packages more affordable, Payment Plans are available.

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